Complete solutions for medical furniture from Merianto Medical for Tartu University Hospital.

Complete solutions for medical furniture from Merianto Medical.

Marin Soomets

Photos: Merianto


Furniture manufacturer Merianto has been furnishing medical facilities for more than ten years. The procurement of procedural and specialised furniture completed at Tartu University Hospital in August was the largest hospital project conducted in Estonia for Merianto Medical.

“On the medical campus of the Tartu University Hospital, we delivered ward furniture, specialised furniture for drug and procedure rooms, nursing posts and information counters, kitchen corners for rest rooms and Flex-shelf shelving systems for storage rooms. All the furniture for the storage of medicines and accessories was designed on the basis of the ISO modular system, which has a number of important advantages for the user compared to ordinary drawers and shelves,” says Merianto Manager Raimo Grichin.

“The customer had done excellent preliminary work in the interior design project and knew exactly what they wanted. When choosing solutions and materials, the customer’s focus was clearly on durability and ease of use. The project was thoroughly prepared and the materials and ergonomics were thought through,” Grichin acknowledges. He adds that for Merianto, this was a pleasantly difficult challenge, as a very large furniture volume had to be taken into account, most of which required object-specific design, and the premises had to be furnished quickly.

“Usually, the furnishing of such large objects takes place in stages and as the construction work is being completed, but this time the buildings and rooms were already fully completed and finished before the start of the interior design project,” he adds. In recent years, Merianto has had many opportunities to contribute to the completion of the M- and C-corps of the Maarjamõisa medical campus of the Tartu University Hospital.

“In recent years, great progress has been made everywhere in the planning and furnishing of medical facilities. New buildings are more spacious and brighter, and dark hospital corridors are history. Procedural rooms are also no longer furnished with ordinary kitchen furniture, instead using specialised and practical special solutions. High-duty furniture surfaces, such as reception counters and work surfaces, are made of durable composite materials. It is possible to polish them on site after a certain time and they will look like new again,” points out Raimo Grichin when talking about the benefits of quality solutions.

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