Special solutions and other products – service counters, tables etc.

A significant part of Merianto’s works consist of various special solutions: tasks and products that require – for achieving the desired result – more attention than usual, more thinking and construction. Special solutions are necessary out of the desire for specialty design or due to space restrictions which can be caused by limited area or other extreme conditions. As new materials constantly come into use, continued learning on our part is also required, turning special projects into exciting challenges and interesting opportunities for creating something new. Contemporary materials, fixtures and mechanisms create seemingly endless opportunities for creating special solutions.

In addition to hospital furniture, Merianto designs, produces and installs the following products:

  • Interior solutions for foyers, reception areas and other public spaces – reception counters, nurse stations, service counters
  • Furniture for nursing, operation and auxiliary rooms – tables, cabinets, work surfaces
  • Electrically height adjustable tables, sinks and wall cabinets
  • Sink cabinets and waste systems
  • Stainless steel, composite material and laminate sink surfaces and countertops
  • Surgical sinks
  • Ward communication panels (gas, water, communication, electricity)
  • Doors, glass walls, window sills, wall crash barriers, wall panels
  • Acoustic wall panels