Wall cabinets MY

Wall cabinets MY

The Merianto medical hospital furniture series is based on the ISO module system, using 600×400 mm and 400×300 mm baskets. The dimensions of the cabinets correspond to the dimensions of the modular system. The MY wall cabinets are designed for baskets with widths of 600 mm, 400 mm and 300mm. It is possible to custom assemble the contents of the cabinets as required, using the baskets and shelves of the modular ISO system.

The medicine cabinets are produced from quality melamine. The selection of materials also includes antibacterial surface finishes. The cabinets can be assembled with an open or closed façade. The doors open to 220°

Façade options are:


Standard options include five different finishings:

Standard colors


Article L S H
M-Y4 455 mm 370 mm 700 mm
M-Y6 655 mm 470 mm 700 mm
M-Y6U-T two pivot slide doors 798 mm 470 mm 700 mm
M-Y4R tambour door 455 mm 370 mm 700 mm
M-Y6R tambour door 655 mm 470 mm 700 mm


  • It is possible to custom assemble the contents of the cabinets according to the user’s needs, using the baskets, shelves and drawers of the ISO modular system.
  • The baskets can withstand loads of up to 20 kg.
  • The baskets on ball runners can withstand loads of up to 50 kg. The bus systems are soft closing.
  • All facade types are lockable. The locks can be serialised as desired so that they are compatible with other cabinets in the same room, floor or similar area. The base selection includes a mechanical furniture lock, but an electronic code lock or chip card lock can also be selected.
  • The doors have silicone magnets that ensure secure and soft closing.
  • It is possible to integrate sensor-controlled LED lighting into all the cabinets.
  • Handles are 128 mm long and have an antibacterial surface finish.
  • It is possible to equip the cabinets with angled tops that assist in avoiding dust collecting on the tops.
  • ISO baskets have many different accessories, dividers, label holders etc., that create order and save space in the cabinets.



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