Medicine cabinet for nursing homes M-WK

Medicine cabinet for nursing homes M-WK

Considering the needs of nursing and elderly care homes, we have developed a modular complex solution that allows for the storage of medications for 20, 40, 60, etc., patients and significantly simplifies the work of care staff in distributing medications.

One module of the medicine cabinet is intended for 20 patients and is divided into three parts, where in the top shelves, 20 transparent and labeled plastic boxes are located in which each patient’s medications can be stored separately. The shelves are tilted, allowing for a good overview of the contents of the boxes.

Below that, there is a module with 20 medicine trays. Each patient has an individual medicine tray divided into 7 parts according to the days of the week. Each part has further subdivisions to distinguish morning, noon, and evening medications. The tightly closing transparent plastic lids of the trays prevent the mixing of medications and allow for a good overview of the contents of the tray. The trays are equipped with labels for the patient’s name.

Next to the tray module is a lockable metal cabinet for narcotic substances.

Below the tray module, there is a pull-out work surface on quiet telescopic slides, where the care staff can handle the distribution of medications.

In the lowest part of the cabinet, there are four H100 and four H200 ISO module system baskets in drawers on quiet telescopic slides, where various medication packages and accessories can be stored.

The cabinet’s colors can be chosen according to the catalogs of different furniture board manufacturers. Please contact us in advance to check the availability of the selected color.

The upper part of the cabinet has a lockable roller shutter, and the drawers are centrally locked.

Dimensions (one module) (WxDxH): 910x670x2100 mm.